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QNSA Findings

A Summary of Sherborne
Senior School’s QNSA Report

The State of Qatar launched the Qatar National Schools Accreditation (QNSA) for private schools in 2011 as an initiative to ensure that all programs offered by private schools are up to international standards in terms of performance and quality. The accreditation system provides quality assessments on schools based on their academic, educational and administrative performances.

There are three possible outcomes to QNSA accreditation visits:

  • Denial of accreditation – for schools achieving an average less than 2.00 on all standards;
  • 3 year QNSA accreditation – for schools achieving an average within the range 2.00 – 2.49 on all standards; and,
  • 5 year QNSA accreditation – for schools achieving an average within the range 2.50+ on all standards.

Sherborne Senior School had a QNSA re-accreditation visit at the end of November 2021 and have subsequently been awarded a 5 year QNSA accreditation (the most positive judgment). A team of 6 inspectors were in school for the week commencing Sunday 21st November and looked at all aspects of the school operations (52 lessons were observed).

On 25thNovember (the last day of the inspection) verbal feedback was given, and on 2ndJanuary the report was issued. In the verbal feedback, the QNSA team said that the school’s self-evaluation (SEF) was an accurate reflection and commended the school on its impressive academic and non-academic achievements. Sherborne Senior School was praised on:

  • our use of technology.
  • the diversity of teaching strategies and activities.
  • behaviour management and the behaviour of pupils.
  • the high level of respect between teachers and pupils, and between pupils.
  • having appropriate assessment tools.
  • the quality of pupil feedback.
  • our curriculum – including the options in Key Stage 3, 4 & 5.
  • the support we provide pupils – including university guidance.
  • staff attendance and punctuality.
  • our facilities and resources.
  • safeguarding measures.
  • the integration of our mission and values.
  • our commitment to MOEHE requirements.
  • the thoroughness of our policies and procedures.
  • having clearly defined roles.
  • good communication.
  • effective management across the school.
  • the monitoring of staff performance.
  • the overall positive and friendly atmosphere.

A Summary of the
Prep School QNSA Report

A team from the MoEHE’s Evaluation Department visited the Prep School in September 2021 for a QNSA renewal of accreditation visit.

Following the visit the school received a comprehensive report and the key findings were:

  • the school has a clear mission and values which are effectively integrated into the school;
  • Islamic and Qatari values and national identity are effectively promoted and enhanced;
  • there are clear and comprehensive policies which are effectively implemented;
  • there is a broad and balanced curriculum which includes clear goals for, and expectations of, the pupils;
  • there is an effective extra-curricular programme;
  • teachers apply effective teaching strategies and give constructive feedback which meet the needs of most pupils;
  • there are effective evaluation procedures which track pupils over time and provide them with appropriate support and targets. Parents receive comprehensive reports;
  • most pupils achieve their age related expectations and pupils’ achievements are celebrated;
  • teachers participate in planning and decision making;
  • staff development is appropriate and effective;
  • communication with parents is regular and effective.

The key recommendations centre around:

  • the need to continue enhancing support for pupils for whom English is not their native language
  • enhancing higher order thinking skills in the MoEHE’s compulsory subjects;
  • implementing more activities which enhance national identity in British curriculum subjects.

The school is delighted that overall it was judged to be very effective and has been awarded a five-year accreditation, which is the maximum available.

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Image Alt|QNSA Findings-Image Name

Image Alt|QNSA Findings-Image Name

Image Alt|QNSA Findings-Image Name

Image Alt|QNSA Findings-Image Name