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Year 11


We believe in the quality rather than quantity, providing a balanced range of I/GCSE options. All pupils sit examinations in the core subjects plus a language and this breadth of study allows them to move onto any post 16 course providing they reach the appropriate grades.

Year 11 is the first time that our pupils can expect to experience the rigours of external examinations and it is important that we prepare them for the pressures that lie ahead. We have a very experienced team of tutors who mentor and guide those in their care through the unique challenges that Year 11 presents. The tutors see the pupils every day and spend much of this time working with them not only on examination preparation but also on mental health aspects so we know that we have given our young learners the appropriate tools to ensure that they are robust, resilient and able to approach tasks, however difficult they may seem, head on and with the confidence to know that they are well equipped enough to find a solution.

Pupils generally sit 9 I/GCSE examinations in Year 11 as experience has shown us that this is when they are more likely to reach their full potential and get the grade their efforts truly deserve. I/GCSE courses are designed to challenge and stretch pupils over a two year period, giving the teachers the opportunity to nurture emerging talents and the pupils the time to develop their understanding, confidence and resilience. Year 11 represents the culmination of years of learning and developing a whole range of life skills and it is always a source of great pleasure seeing the delight on pupils’ faces when they experience success.

Passing examinations is certainly a part of that but we offer so much more to our young adults. It is our aim that every pupil completes Year 11 with results they can be proud of, but equally important that they and can look forward to whatever they choose to do confident and ready to embrace the next steps in their educational journey.

Mrs Hamlin – Head of Year 11

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We recruit teaching and support staff throughout the year which we advertise on TES Jobs. Please visit this link for details of any current opportunities.

Please note that we do not accept CVs.

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Image Alt|Year 11-Image Name

Image Alt|Year 11-Image Name

Image Alt|Year 11-Image Name