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House System


The House system at Sherborne is important because it develops pupil friendships for life, character courage and tenacity.

At Sherborne, the House system is integral to pupils becoming well-rounded individuals. All pupils are members of a House, a traditional small community that is wide-spread tradition in British schools. We have six such Houses with names that reflect our unique heritage: Ahmed, Cook, Copeland, Cutler, Hamad and Moza. Each of these has a Head of House. He or she works with a team of House Tutors, to provide a range of opportunities to develop our pupils.

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In each House we celebrate the diversity and talent of all pupils through exciting competitions which highlight our school values of teamwork, responsibility, perseverance, respect, kindness and honesty. Pupils build friendships across Year Groups and learn to appreciate and encourage participation through healthy and fun challenges. The experiences within the House system allow pupils to become more adaptable, quick thinking and confident. As you proceed with your friendships, education and future careers. Remember pride in your House and yourself. Dedication, fun and competition.


Sherborne’s rich heritage is reflected in the name of our House. The late father of the School’s benefactor is Sheikha Ahmed bin Abdulla Al Thani and we are proud to be associated with his memory. All of those associated with Ahmed extend the warmest of welcomes to all of our parents and pupils. We are committed to celebrating our diversity and to offering as many avenues as possible to showcase our varied talents. Our aim is a simple one: to make the most of every opportunity given and to be the best that we can be. In this way, we should see proud, confident and successful pupils emerge, who are well equipped for any challenges that they may face.

ahmed house sherborne
Cook house


John Cook was the first Headmaster of Sherborne School. He was born in Sherborne, educated at Eton and King’s College and commenced his Headship in 1550. He had the unenviable task of directing the school through the difficult and dangerous times of the Reformation and post Reformation, up to 1560. If you have the opportunity to visit Sherborne, listen to the Abbey bells, because two of them, cast in 1557, are Cook’s legacy to the local community –”thus to this day there survives his tiny memorial in sound”. The House named after Cook is dedicated to bringing the best qualities from Sherborne’s heritage and melding them with the local culture and customs of Qatar. We are part of the wider community and as such our pupils demonstrate this through their activities and events.
Cook has leaders in school sports and representation in debating, drama, singing, music and the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. But we do more than this. Our aim is to be a “family within the school” – we work together; we support each other and we compete with gusto. Why? because we want to help our House members to become strong, self-confident learners, potent members of society and happy, well-rounded adults.


It is widely acknowledged by historians that Thomas Copeland was the first Headmaster of Sherborne School. Copeland’s name appears in two lists, dated 1437-1438, containing the names of local residents who subscribed towards the cost of building a new Almshouse in Sherborne. On both lists Copeland is the “master of the schools” (“magister scolarum”) and living in Cheap Street in Sherborne. He gave 3s. (shillings) and 4d. (pence) to the Almshouse, which was then a generous donation.
The House named after Thomas Copeland is dedicated to teamwork and to celebrating achievement. A supportive group of House Tutors works tirelessly with the Head of House to ensure that every pupil in Copeland feels that they have something to contribute to the House as a whole. Mutual respect, and being a multicultural family; who share goals and values, is the key to the success of Copeland.

copeland house
Cutler house


In December 1789, John Cutler was elected Headmaster of Sherborne School. He was keen to implement new “Regulations at Sherborne School” which instilled discipline and courtesy. To this date, certain principles still exist.

The Cutler community seeks to develop in our pupils not only a sense of global citizenship and responsibility, but also skills to ensure that, in their adult lives, they can be effective individuals, in terms of personal relationships and engagement in the wider community. Pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of duty to themselves and to the world as a whole. All of this is achieved by nurturing an environment which promotes personal and intellectual growth – not only for the pupils, but also for all members of the school, including the teachers. All members of Cutler are encouraged to participate in the ATEAMM activities which will develop them into well rounded, global citizens. The House also engages in charity work, raising significant funds our partner school, Som Roung School, in Cambodia, through our partner charity – United World Schools.


Being named after His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the father Emir of Qatar, motivates us to take immense pride in our House. Our aim, whilst always striving to succeed, is to build a community of friends who provide support and encouragement for each other every day.

Sheikh Hamad is internationally known for creating Qatar as we now know it. He achieved this through determination to succeed. We approach our daily tasks in the same way and personify our House motto: Hamad Works Hardest!

hamad house
moza house


Named in honour of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser Al Missned, our House strives for the highest standards in personal growth, compassion towards others, supportive teamwork and a strong ethos of enjoyment and achievement throughout all aspects of school life. We are proud of our House, and those who are part of it. We are looking forward to reclaiming our title as Interhouse Champions by to working together and supporting each other throughout the academic year. In Moza, there will be challenges, there will be encouragement and there will be successes.

Whatever we may face, we will be here for you and each other…together as a team.

We recruit teaching and support staff throughout the year which we advertise on TES Jobs. Please visit this link for details of any current opportunities.

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