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Overview of EYFS


An established and experienced team of early years practitioners lead our vibrant and stimulating EYFS environment with the benefit of wider Prep School support. These formative years provide excellent opportunities to create positive learning habits and an invaluable growth mindset cultivated within a safe space. The classrooms and play areas are well equipped, skillfully set up and inviting. Every classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard to enhance learning. Specialist Early Years teachers and teaching assistants play alongside children, following their interests to engage and motivate them to reach their full potential. Learning opportunities are created through the creative use of a variety of enticing resources, engaging children through the beauty of their natural play.

Enhanced provision gives children opportunities to learn in ways that appeal to them – whether inside or outside, with friends or independently, through role play or song – the choices are available for them to thrive within.

Early maths and literacy are introduced through story, rhymes and songs. Learning opportunities are created through multi- sensory resources appealing to all types of learner.

Using White Rose Maths to introduce the children to mathematical concepts using concrete resources and pictorial representations, they successfully set firm foundations for later years. ‘Talk for Write’ encourages the use of repetition with a strong focus on vocabulary and language skills. With actions and story maps, children soon learn the words to a model text which later will provide the framework for their own story telling.

Regular carpet sessions including story time, planned talk, dough disco or songs provide our youngest learners with a gentle introduction to the more formal education. Gradually children are included in assemblies and wider school events in preparation for their move into the next year group.

With specially designed classrooms fitted with pre-school sized bathroom facilities and wash basins, children are able to develop their independence. Encouraged to take responsibility for from the start, each child has a named area for their belongings. Each of these life skills are scaffolded by our wonderful EYFS staff who encourage the children whilst remaining close to offer support when required.

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Relationships are fostered throughout our happy, open plan classrooms with children given time and space in which to express themselves and learn to use their words to overcome conflict. With a high ratio of adults to children, practitioners guide children to develop language through modelling and interacting at their level. Every situation is a learning opportunity.

Regular updates on our interactive learning diary (ILD) and three reports a year provide comprehensive feedback for parents.

We recruit teaching and support staff throughout the year which we advertise on TES Jobs. Please visit this link for details of any current opportunities.

Please note that we do not accept CVs.

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